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In 2017, Puerto Rico was impacted by two major hurricanes: Irma
passed northeast of the island as a category-5 hurricane while María made
landfall as a category 4. Two decades had passed since the island’s residents had experienced the direct hit of a category-3 hurricane; almost no-one had
experienced firsthand the impacts of hurricanes with the intensities of Irma and María. In this article we present an analysis of land-falling major hurricanes in Puerto Rico between 1851 and 2019. We describe and discuss such hurricanes in terms of their spatiotemporal characteristics, rapid intensification, and hits across the island. The information provided allows for broader knowledge, understanding, and discussion of exposure and associated vulnerability to cyclonic-related hazards in Puerto Rico, specifically, and the Caribbean region, more generally.

Castro-Rivera, A. & T. López-Marrero (2019). ‘Allá viene el temporal: Major hurricanes in Puerto Rico between 1851 and 2019‘, Caribbean Geography 24, 24-39.